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See Towermate close-up and full working demo with tower at The National Hamfest @N_Hamfest Newark, Lincolnshire 29/30 September 2017

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 Towermate® is the first product of a new joint-venture. Our objective  is to design cost-effective high quality mechanical and electrical  accessories for the amateur radio market. The first product being the  Towermate tilt-over device. 

 Towermate is owned by Terry Burbidge (G4MKP) and Derek    Jordanou-Bailey. Terry has successfully delivered military HF, VHF  and UHF communications solutions for 35 years and is also an  amateur  radio contester. Derek Jordanou-Bailey is a chartered  mechanical  engineer with 25 years of experience in the aerospace  and  automotive engineering sectors, focusing over the last ten  years in  Formula 1 as the mechanical design leader on one of the  latest  hybrid racing engines.

 At Towermate we invest our time in careful design rather than  workshop metal bashing to develop new products. We ensure an  advanced-prototype working with a minimum  of snags on  the first  build. We take time to assess the loading  situations and to  consider  how the components will work together to  achieve the best  possible  cost-mass return for our customers. After  bench-testing we  soak  test (field test) with a broad range of  associated devices and  make  final changes before proceeding to  series production.

 TowerMate is a product supplied by Towermate Ltd. A company  registered in the UK.