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See Towermate close-up and full working demo with tower at The National Hamfest @N_Hamfest Newark, Lincolnshire 29/30 September 2017

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​​ TowerMate is a tilt-over device that provides  convenience  and safety for amateur radio  operators.
 Luff towers and keep Yagi and log periodic type antennas horizontal.  The  safest place for a OB 12-4W,  A3S, Force 12 or whatever,  is on or near to  the  ground. Towermate is rated up for antennas up to 150kg so will  take some  of  the biggest  amateur radio antennas on the market today.


  •  Easy to mount heavy antennas
  • TowerMate locks shut when vertical
  •  Small terraced house and garden?  No  problem
  •  Less reliance on friends and family
  •  Easy repairs to antenna elements/rotators/cables
  •  Regular maintainence possible
  •  No more shaky ladders
  •  Less effort and more focus on the job in hand

​​ TowerMate key features
Now supplied pre-drilled to also take 65mm/2.5'' stub masts

  • Square or round antenna booms up to 100mm/4"
  • Stackable including truss booms
  • Takes a 50mm/2" and pre-drilled for 65mm/2.5'' stub mast
  • Built in automatic locking/unlocking pendulum mechanism utilizing precision bearings
  • Steel/aluminium construction (no stainless steel/aluminium galvanic corrosion)
  • Mechanism protected by built-in weather resistant housing
  • Scalable for antennas up to 150kgs
  • Max wind loading for 3.9m2 surface area 130 km/h. Max loading 3000N
  • Drilled ready to take a boom truss
  • Towermate is shipped fitted with 2" stub mast U-clamps. Ready to be fitted out of the box 
TowerMate ready to be mounted

​​ TowerMate applications
​​Most of us need outside assistance for mounting and maintaining large Yagi antennas. With TowerMate one person can easily do all essential maintenance and repair tasks. 
How long does it take you to dismount your 3 element Yagi? What about a 17 element 40m-6m monster? You probably need help from friends and family to do simple maintenance right? 

  • With TowerMate even the heaviest of antenna systems can be maintained by one person
  • Protect your towers and antennas from high winds and foul weather
  • Perfect for quick into action field day set-ups
  • Small garden/terraced house big antenna installations now possible
  • Field day/IOTA or days out with a trailer mast. Put your beam boom and elements on your roof rack. Quick assembly and attach to Towermate
  • Contesters and dx chasers can safely luff over their expensive antenna arrays between contests/dxpeditions to protect and maintain them
  • Minimize impact of residential amenity for planning​ - depending on your tower/mast, your antenna can lie well below fence height
TowerMate deployed with 4 ele Steppir
Installation video

4Force 12 C31XR 50kg  beam on its way up