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G0DWV - Chris

Chris will be using TowerMate on an number of antennas. This is his C31XR with boom truss installed on to an 80' tower. Chris put this 40kg antenna on to a TowerMate by himself.....he's in the middle of building a house!

"TowerMate is a great aid to aid to installing antennas of all sizes but the bigger they are the better this idea is. No more working on a step ladder for long boom Yagis.

The boom truss-pole offset makes no lateral difference to the boom compared to my previous installation.

It works really well and the locking mechanism appears to be a great solution to stop the antenna rocking in the wind."

Chris asks about fitting bigger stub masts. We can accommodate this. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
M0VKY - Simon

Another TowerMate installation for Simon (M0VKY) with his InnovAntennas 4-element HD 14MHz OP-DES Yagi.

This is a 25kg antenna with 8.2m boom.
Crawley Radio Club

Nice installation with the Steppir 3 element plus 40/30m.

Mike (G0KAD) completed the entire installation on his own.